Thirsty for more

At the start of a long journey? Buy one for now – and save one in the cup holder for further down the road.

Mates rates

Get one for you and one for your passenger (or navigator or mate waiting for you back at home).

Quick pick me-up

Need a caffeine kick quick-smart? Quench your thirst and keep going.

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On The Forecourt

You can always count on Shell for convenience, quality and peace of mind for you and your motor. From performance fuels to premium engine oils, as well as expert help and advice from our Service Champions, we’re the place that offers everything your car needs to get the best out of your journey.

Inside Our Stores

We’re much more than just a place to fill up at the pumps. In-store, offer a wide range of products, services and partnerships that make us the perfect place to shop, too. From freshly made food and drinks, to relaxing spaces and sparkling toilets – we’ve got it all covered. 

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Coffee And Drinks

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With freshly-prepared food and hot meals, there’s something that every member of the family will love.