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Meal Deals

Deal with hunger and keep the change thanks to our fantastic deli2go Meal Deal.


With freshly-prepared food and hot meals, there’s something that every member of the family will love.

Snacks And Treats

From sweet treats to healthy bites, deli2go has a quality range of tasty cuisine that your taste buds will love. 

Coffee And Drinks

Check out our thirst-aid stations to refresh you for your journey ahead.

Must Haves For Your Motors

Need an air freshener? A squeegee after a seagull attack? Or a last-minute gift of chocs? You’ll find everything from multi-point chargers to books for your holiday. Pull in and get what you need for your car, as well as bits for when you arrive at your final stop.

Everything Under One Roof

Rest Areas

man holding drink in hand

You’ve had your feet on the pedals for miles. Now put them up and relax on our comfortable cushioned seats. Our light and airy rest areas are the perfect space for a break if you’re on a long journey, especially with the kids. They are also a great place to use as a meeting point if you’re travelling with other friends and family, or as a pit stop for a well earned snack break to re-energise.

Free WiFi

man having mobile in hand and smiling

All our customers can get online for free. Check your online maps, traffic reports, the scores or what’s happening on your social channels.  Speak to one of our Service Champions to find out how to log on.

Cash Machines

person withdrawing cash from cash machine

Don’t worry about leaving the house without cash again on your car journey. You can make a withdrawal whenever you visit our Shell service stations, so you will always be ready if cash is in need.

Toilets and baby changing

mother holding baby

We take pride in our bathroom facilities and ensure that our Service Champions undertake hourly checks to make sure our toilets stay squeaky clean. So when you come in from your journey you will always find hygienic, clean facilities to use when taking care of you and your little ones.

Prayer rooms

sunshine through branches

Clean, quiet, comfortable and safe pray rooms are available at selected stations, always located near washroom facilities. These dedicated spaces are designed for opportunities when you need to take time out, draw aside and pray.

Featured Content

Motoring tips and advice

Take better care of your vehicle by learning how to become more fuel efficient and safer on the road.


Follow the fascinating, funny and moving stories from our customers and discover more about the passionate Service Champions who work at Shell.

Get A Helping Hand

As our guest at Shell, when you need a little help to get back on the road, our qualified staff are always there for you. From technical know-how to get your motor running and safety, to coffee brewing and baking brilliance, they have the expertise to keep your journey on track