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Fleets fuelled for the future

Discover how to future-proof your business with a look at the new alternative fuels vying to become the fuel of tomorrow.

Driving in safe mode, not sleep mode

Ensure your drivers get the sleep they need for their own safety and wellbeing, and for the safety of those around them.

5 tips for more efficient driving

Follow these five simple tricks of the fleet drivers’ trade to help your business save on fuel bills.

How to master your work-life balance

Discover how to stay on top of day-to-day tasks as well as managing expectations with these four strategies to help you find that work-life balance.

Data and the fight against fraud

Explore how technology is becoming one of the biggest tools for fleet managers in the fight against fraud.

Five tips for happier driving

Wellbeing is fast becoming recognised as one of the main factors driving employee satisfaction and company performance.

Why digital technology is your fleet's future

Don’t stay in the slow lane. Future proof your business with these technologies to take you into the next decade.

On the road services

Security is key to a Shell Fuel Card. That’s why you’ll find manageable usage controls, alerts and dedicated fraud teams. Giving you all the convenience of a fuel card, along with piece of mind.

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